Vernissage Merging Munich

On the 6th December 2018 my series Merging Munich was unveiled at Gerhard Meir Salon.

It was an exciting evening with interesting people who all came to the centre of Munich to have a look at my unusual visions of this city.

As this series deals with images that are visions or seem like a dream, I was intrigued by the interpretations the visitors had about my work. One woman told me that the image Monopteros [Winter] (2016) reminded her of a memory of her adolescence, spending the night in this spot.

I am happy to say that a few images are already sold and are inspiring people in their homes on a daily basis.

If you missed the Vernissage and would like a tour of the images, get in touch!

And if you enjoy Vernissages, there is talk of a Finissage - leave me a message if you want to receive an invitation.

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