I flew to Paris in November 2018 to show one of my works in a gallery in city centre.

Staying there I stayed with my family and got to know the city of my grandmother. These photos are going to be part of a project that will be ongoing for the next couple of years.

I was quite excited to roam the streets and feel the rushing rhythm of this city.

Look at the architecture! Look at the wealth! Look at the moody neon lights!

Can you smell the perfume of Pigalle? Can you feel the Prestige? Can you imagine the farmers horse cart being pulled through the cobble street?

Le Lilas

Place des Vosges No.9

Baleine de nuages

La Fontaine

Laser Paris

La Restauration

La Joie

Rue Blanche

Chandelier Saint-Paul-Saint-Louis

Tabac des Ternes

Calibrer Temps

L'Horizon bleu