Buy 35mm and 120 medium format film in South East Asia

This is a short list with overviews on where I found analogue film in Thailand and Vietnam in late 2015. I hope this list will help those in need for film. 

First of all some general advice: 

If you do shoot 35mm and are not picky about color / black and white you will surely find some Kodak Gold 200 in a lot of the small shops in the bigger cities. But if you are hunting for Tri-X 400 or even slide film, be sure to bring your own stuff. It is way easier to just order it at home than to run through tropical temperatures with all your gear on your back. Often times the address of the photo shop you looked up online is misinterpreted by Google Maps and you will be running off your legs trying to find it. Also people living close to the shops most likely won’t know where the shop is – even if they have lived next to it for a long time. 

Moneywise some films are more expensive in Asia. I found the prices for Kodak Portra 160 / 400 to be two times higher than in Germany. However a box of 5 Rolls 120 Fuji Velvia 50 is 10$ cheaper in Bangkok than in Germany. 

If you are looking to buy some analogue cameras in SE Asia, I found it more difficult than in Europe. Most small print shops have some cameras standing around for years in the harsh sun and without caps. And in the nice, clean shops the prices are higher than in Europe. Although it is always an adventure to go into a store and hope for that one golden nugget … ;) 




  • A&B Film Lab

This is a real hard one to find. It is next to the gigantic shopping plaza “Lad Prao”. You can take a local bus from Banglumpoo (part of town close to Khaosan road) without having to switch. They offer a wide selection of film from 35mm to medium format roll film. They also sell the bigger Fuji Polaroids. C41 120 development and scan in a day for 140 Baht (3,50€). The team is very helpful and you can look at your scans at a customer pc. 

120 Velvia 50 – 240 baht (6 €) 

120 Portra 160/400 – 240 baht (6 €) 

35 mm Velvia 50 – 450 baht (11,5 €) 

Most 120 film sells for 240 baht/roll. 

The exact GPS location is: 13.8153771,100.5615031 (You can copy this into Google Maps) 

Next door of A&B there is a camera shop selling film Nikons, Canons and some Mamiya RBs. 

A&B Digital Lab Bangkok

A&B Digital Lab Bangkok


There was a tiny store opposite the Royal Palace Entry where they still had some 120 Fuji Provia 400 for 290 baht/roll (7,3 €) 


  • CAPA digital 

I have not been there, but they quickly replied to my email. They sell Velvia 50 for 280 baht/roll (7 €). Apparently they also develop E6 Positive 180 baht/roll (4,5 €) 


Chiang Mai: 

  • Photo Bug

Is a fancy digital camera store which also sells film. Though it is easy to find, the prices are higher than in Europe or Bangkok. A 120 roll of Velvia 50 was 390 baht (9,6 €).



Photobug prices

Photobug prices


  • Rakuda (formerly UNG Gallery) 

Now this is really something. If you have any time at all in Chiang Mai go there. A café / film lab / film store / gallery run by two analogue angels - Ung and Tha. They are incredibly helpful and super nice. They make a real good cup of coffee and ordered film for me when I was in need. This is a little island where all film shooters of the north come together. Prices are very good.

A few people and me had trouble finding the place. It is located here:°47'26.5"N+98°59'03.4"E/@18.7907025,98.9831737,18z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0

Just walk past the womens prison (on your right hand side) towards the end of the street and you should see the giant "UNG" sign.

2017: A reader just wrote to me saying they are now called "Rakuda


  • Graph Café: 

Nothing but coffee for sale, but the owner is a laid back film enthusiast and you will have a good time there!



35 mm in some shops, but I found nothing much. 




  • XLab Film Processing: C41 and black and white development, very friendly. 

C41 1€/roll 

Adress: P201, Sõ 15 Ngõ Dáo Duy Tù’, Hanoi 

  • Vintage Camera Store. 

Stylish, welcoming store in a little side lane that sells analogue cameras. The guys there sell some Kodak Portra film and are really helpful. Found a cable release cable too. Adress: 6/15 Lane Dao Duy Tu street, Hoan Kiem District , Hanoi 

Xlab and the store are in the same little lane and work together. 

Daniel Hewes probably has the best and most detailed collection of locations for film in Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia on his website: