The not so definitive Guide to Scanning Film

The not so definitive Guide to Scanning Film

… on an Epson V700 scanner.

This guide is meant to be a starting point to someone starting out scanning negatives or slides themselves in 2019.

I do advise you up front to get in touch with a lab and build a relationship with them. A great scan from a professional photo lab will always blow away the quality of a flatbed scanner. That being said if you scan at home you can control the colours the way you want it and handle the film as you wish.

I have used Vuescan, Silverfast and Epson Scan in the past. In the end I settled on Epson Scan. It just seems to work for me. And as usual in photography finding something that works for you and develop it, refining it more and more is key.

First off if you wish to get the optimum sharpness from your scans I advise you to do the following:

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